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Houses for Rent Curran Hill

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16 Chatham Link, Harrington Park - Front View

Expand Your Horizons by Exploring Our Houses for Rent in Curran Hill

If you are looking for houses to rent in Curran Hill, then look no further for Space Real Estate is your reputable name in the local industry. Our trusted team will be by your side as you explore a selection of available rental properties in Curran Hill. We’ll help you to make this vibrant and friendly neighbourhood, your address.

When Interested in Rentals in Curran Hill Consider the Following

Curran Hill has a rich history stretching as far back as 1805 when the region was nothing but a sheep farm. Today the area, named after one of its first prominent inhabitants, Michael Curran, resembles all you would expect of an established neighbourhood.

  • It is a close-knit community with a feeling of neighbourly care. You can expect a warm and friendly welcome from the locals when we take you scouting the houses for rent in Curran Hill.
  • The suburb is located about 60 kilometres from the CBD of Sydney. Maybe you want to get away from the continuous buzz of the city and are keen on a much more relaxed lifestyle. It is, however, a factor to keep in consideration depending on your daily commute.
  • Although people of various age groups call the area home, you’ll find many parents raising their children in the quieter streets of the suburb. It is a place where your children can roam more freely, an area with fantastic education facilities and where you and your family can thrive.

What Sets Space Real Estate Apart as A Real Estate Agent in Curran Hill

Since 2003 our team of professional and licensed real estate agents has been helping many people just like yourself to find the perfect home.

  • We offer you a selection of promising properties when you are keen on renting a home in Curran Hill to enjoy the benefits of living in this community. Whether you are looking for smaller quaint premises or for one of the many larger family homes to raise your children in, if we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you.
  • Our team offers friendly and professional service, and we always go the extra distance to help you find the perfect piece of real estate when you are keen on making a long-term investment in the established neighbourhood. We build our success on nearly two decades of immaculate customer satisfaction; thus we won’t rest until we’ve found exactly the property you want and at a price negotiated to suit your budget.
  • We take care of your concerns when you want to move on from the open spaces and friendly people of Curran Hill. Our sales team is by your side every step of the way to find a buyer for your property. We aim to give you the satisfaction of knowing that you have received exceptional returns on your investment when we found the perfect buyer for your home.

Our services within the real estate market are diverse and can answer to your every need in renting, leasing, buying or selling the property close to your heart.

Fun Facts About Real Estate in Curran Hill

Before the land of Curran Hill became a sheep farm in 1805, it belonged to the Muringong, related to the Darug people. Today it is home to roughly 6 000 people. Although the majority of this community is Australian born, it remains a diverse and vibrant group.

It is the perfect place to raise your children, with many large family homes, gardens and open spaces. It offers freedom which all who lives here truly enjoys. Does Curran Hill tickle your fancy? Contact us, and let’s see how we can help you to call it home.