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Real Estate Agent Harrington Park

Buy, Lease or Sell a Property
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Choosing an Appropriate Real Estate Agent in Harrington Park

When it comes to selecting a Real Estate Agent in Harrington Park, our team can assist with all the finer details to make the process easier. With over seventeen years industry experience, our dedicated team at Space Real Estate can help you with all your property transactions.

Tips To Consider When Looking For Rental Properties In Harrington Park

  • Check out the neighbourhood. When looking at renting someone else’s property for yourself, it is always a good idea to look into the area and the surrounds.
  • Screen your tenants. When looking to rent out your property, conducting a thorough screening on potential tenants is a must. Our knowledgeable team will assist in this process to avoid unnecessary hassles in the long run.
  • Take photos. Whether you are renting your property out to a tenant or renting someone else’s property, always remember to take photos before anyone moves in as these could act as evidence at a later stage should anything go wrong on the property.
Real Estate Agent Harrington Park

Problems That Space Real Estate Can Help You Overcome Regarding Rentals in Harrington Park

We know all too well about the stress that accompanies property transactions, and while rentals in Harrington Park are made easier by our dedicated team of professionals, we are also here to take over your stress.

  • We educate you. One of the main reasons you get stressed when looking for a property or a plot of land is because you don’t understand the process. We will explain each step of the process to curb those stress levels and ensure the process runs as smooth as possible.
  • We support you. We handle all the behind-the-scenes contracts and negotiation. It really does pay to have a professional on your team
  • We work for you. We act as the middleman between you and the owner/tenant. We will handle all correspondence.

Whether you are leasing your property out to a tenant or leasing a property from a landlord for yourself, you can rest assured that by partnering with Space Real Estate, your real estate needs will always come first.

About Space Rental Estate - A Brief History of the Business

With over seventeen years of experience, Space Real Estate’s dedicated team members have extensive knowledge in buying, selling and rental properties in Harrington Park. We negotiate the best prices that you will be proud of, all while giving you the best possible service. We accommodate not only Harrington Park, but also our neighbouring towns including Gregory Hills, Gledswood Hills and Mount Annan. With two offices in Narellan as well as Oran Park, we are continually acquiring the newest and most exclusive listings.

Educating buyers on the process of property leasing is one of our strong points, and we believe our client must be next to us every step of the way. If you are interested in rentals in Harrington Park, browse our latest listings or contact us at your earliest convenience.