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Rental Properties in Camden

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We Have Several Rental Properties in Camden

If you’re on the hunt for rental properties in Camden, then Space Real Estate is the best place to start. We assist Australians to find the ideal home for their lifestyles. Whether you’re looking to rent a house, buy a house or you’d like to lease a property you own, our team of professionals are qualified to assist.

Benefits of Property Management in Camden

When you own a property that you want to generate an income, you must engage with a property management service. Taking care of a property is as busy as a full-time job. There are legalities to adhere to and multiple tasks to complete; hence, it’s advisable to allow a real estate agency to handle your property management.

  • The key to ensuring your investment property delivers a significant return is the quality of tenants that rent in Camden. It’s a complicated process for you to ask a tenant to leave, even if they don’t pay the rent on time, there are laws to follow. Hence, a property manager is responsible for finding a tenant that passes a rigorous screening process. As a result, you receive your rent on time, your property is in good hands, and you have a pleasant experience with your investment.
  • There’s nothing worse than owning a property without any rentals in Camden. A property management service guides you to improve the aesthetics of the house along with any repairs that are required. Thereafter, they will effectively market the property to avoid a lengthy vacancy. Furthermore, with their extensive knowledge of the property market, they advise you regarding a suitable rental amount. Ultimately, your investments continuously generate income when your rentals are always occupied.
  • Property law is tricky and complicated for an ordinary individual. Property management companies are well versed in the legal aspects and prevent you from breaking any rules. They handle elements such as tenant evictions, inspections, negotiation of the lease, and the collection of rent. Additionally, they ensure that the property complies with building codes and laws which avoid any lawsuits.

Things You Should Know About Houses for Rent in Camden

Renting a property may seem a straightforward process. However, there are several legalities and other elements that you ought to consider. If you’ve looked at houses for rent in Camden South and settled on one, it’s not as easy as signing a lease. These are some other aspects that you should keep in mind.

  • The landlord probably has insurance which covers the building you’re living in against any damages as a result of nature or wear and tear. Some of these include a roof leak or burst pipe. However, you should take out tenant’s insurance which covers your personal belongings. If your property floods and the water damages your goods, you must have your own protection to help you back on your feet.
  • If you feel the need to do a little work around the property such as painting your walls or installing a shelf, always ask your landlord for permission. You should never attempt hanging things on the walls or replacing cupboards as it could cause damage to the structure.
  • As much as we love our pets, you’re not sure what your landlord prefers. It’s advisable to disclose the fact that you have a furry friend from the outset to avoid future problems. Some landlords decide on increasing the safety deposit for any potential damages.

About Space Real Estate

We have been operating for over 17 years and still going strong. Our commitment to our clients and their requirements is why we’ve been so successful and regarded as a leader in our industry.

Whatever your need is, we encourage you to make contact with one of our team members to assist you.