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Rentals Campbelltown

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Rentals Campbelltown

Our Portfolio Includes Rentals in Campbelltown

We can find you your perfect new home, whether you are looking for a single bedroom granny flat or loft, a starter apartment for two, or a beautiful family home. Have a look at our available rentals in Campbelltown and contact one of our experienced real estate agents to arrange a viewing.

Problems Rental Properties in Campbelltown Address

Although there are many reasons rather to buy a house, there are indeed advantages to renting. Since lease agreements have fixed terms and can be negotiated, they are very convenient for people who are not planning on being in the area for a long time. Renting is a good option for someone from out of town working a project with a company for a few months as it can work out cheaper and is less impersonal than a hotel or bed and breakfast. You have the option to make the place feel like yours, even if it’s just for a few months. Newlyweds still deciding what and where their perfect home will be or those fresh out of university and finding their feet, can take advantage of renting while they look around carefully before purchasing their new house.

  • Rental properties are perfect for students staying on their own or sharing with a roommate or two. Granny flats or houses to share are available to rent in Campbelltown and are conveniently located near the local university and college campuses. The area is close to amenities and access to public transport.
  • When you rent you don’t have the added expenses for repairs and maintenance of the property, they are also not your responsibility. When you rent through a real estate agent in Campbelltown, you deal directly with your agent who will source and arrange the relevant service provider.
  • Another headache that renting a property alleviates is paying property tax, when you rent a property the responsibility to pay the property tax lies with the property owner.

If you are unsure about an area you want to live in or are uncertain about how long you will be studying or staying in an area, then renting is the way to go. If you are considering moving to a new area and don’t find your dream home straight away or want to get a feel for the neighbourhood before buying, renting gives you a chance to wait for your home to come onto the market and to see if you will be happy in the area.

Rentals Campbelltown

Related Services we Provide to Property Management in Campbelltown

When renting through us, we offer a property management service; this means we act in the interests of both parties, the homeowner and the renter. We have legal lease agreements drawn up between both parties, protecting all parties. We do the negotiating between both parties, take care of collecting the rent, and ensure the property is well maintained, to list a few of our services. Property management is our forte, our teams of licensed real estate agents, based in Narellan and Oran Park, are fully equipped to help you find your home in the surrounding areas, including Campbelltown.

  • Our database includes properties on our portfolio that are available to rent and buy.
  • Whether you are buying or selling your home with us, we are always on your side to negotiate the best price for you.
  • We take the stress out of marketing your home away from you. We will assist you with any tips to help make your home more appealing either for sale or renting out.

Why You Should Use Space Real Estate

We are professional, experienced, licensed real estate agents and property managers who are passionate about finding our clients their perfect home and work tirelessly to achieve this. Looking to buy, sell or rent, search our database of available properties and contact us now – make the decision you will not regret in your search for houses for rent in Campbelltown.