Essential information to tenants

Should you wish to meet with your Property Manager in person at the office, please ask for an appointment as they are not in the office all the time. 


Rental Payments

We are required to give one option to make rental payments without costing anything other than your rent amount. It is our company policy that all our tenants are on direct debit, and it does not cost you the tenant anything.


Rental Ledger

Your rental ledger is your payment history, and this document cannot be amended or tampered with. So, it is important that you keep your rent payment up to date. If you did not have enough funds, please contact the office, and make alternative arrangements immediately to keep your ledger up to date. This is another way of building your credit history and obtaining any future properties.


Part Payments

Your rental ledger is based on a set amount being weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. When a full week/fortnight/month's rent is receipted your paid to dates will move forward one week/month. On occasion if an amount is paid that is less than a full week/month rent, this amount will be held "in hand" while your paid to dates will not change. There are many varied reasons why this may occur including if you chose to make extra payments each week (eg pay additional $10 per week to cover the water usage invoice when it is due) etc. On some occasions where an accidental underpayment etc is made we may contact you to discuss making up the difference to 'pay off' the full weeks rent and clear the 'in hand' amount and move your paid to dates forward.


Rent In Advance

Prior to your tenancy commencing, you will be required to pay 2 weeks rent and 4 weeks bond. Your bond will be lodged with the rental bond board and the 1 week holding deposit and the 2nd weeks rent will be allocated towards your rent. Please note that as your direct debit usually starts the week after you move into the property, one of your weeks rent will cover this period resulting in you paying rent only 1 week in advance.


Rent Arrears Policy

We have a strict rent arrears policy. If your rent falls more than 14 days behind, you will be issued with a Termination Notice to vacate. You can expect to receive arrears emails & sms if you are behind in your rent. If you are having any trouble paying your rent, please contact your Property Manager to discuss rather than them contacting you.


Repairs & Maintenance

The procedure for requesting repairs and maintenance on the property are as follows

1. All repairs or maintenance requests are to be in writing. Please do not alter the property in any way without permission from our office. Please email your assigned property manager or directly to [email protected].
For URGENT REPAIRS, please do the following

2. CALL OUR OFFICE IMMEDIATELY and follow up in writing. If it is a weekend, late night or public holiday and our office is closed, and you have an urgent repair call one of the afterhours tradespeople listed below

CLT Electrical (Siebren Pty Ltd)
Charlie 0457 800 087
[email protected]

Ace Plumbing & Gasfitting Pty Ltd
Dustin 0421 765 348
[email protected]

Envision Property Maintenance
Harry 0401 566 660
[email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: If you arrange a tradesperson to attend to a repair and it is not considered urgent or an emergency you will be required to make full payment of that invoice.


Water Usage

You will be required to pay your water usage with in 21 days of issuing the invoice. It will be direct debited, and the due date will be in the invoice. You must make sure you have enough funds to cover the usage expense.


Routine inspections

Your first routine inspection will be conducted within 3 months of start of your lease. You will be given required notice in writing regarding the inspection. It's our obligation to report the condition of the property to the landlord and therefore during the inspection, we will take notes and photos to provide a report to the owner. 
PLEASE NOTE: When applying for a property, agents are now asking for previous routine inspection reports to be sent along with the tenant ledger & questionnaire about your tenancy.  


Smoke Alarms

Every home must have at least one smoke alarm installed and in working order. You may be contacted throughout your tenancy by Smoke Alarms Australia to arrange access for the smoke alarms to be serviced. This is usually an annual inspection unless there is an issue with your alarm.
Please contact your Property Manger if your smoke alarm is not working. It is a breach of your lease to interfere with or remove a smoke alarm.